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Micheal Moritz: "I must say that your site has helped me begin to solve a family mystery and view grandparents in a cemetery in Brooklyn, and then look at the graves of ancestors from 500 years ago in Frankfurt, Germany. I absolutely commend the hard work, and hope that more cemeteries will be available in the future!"

Maury Kitces: "Let me tell what has happened today - since I rejoined. First some background. My distant cousin Ethel was named for an aunt of hers who had "died in child birth". She knew nothing else about this woman, not even her married name. She always wanted to know more about her, and where she was buried. About 10 years ago my cousin found a letter that was written to her aunt by her (unknown) uncle, and it was signed "Louis". So now we were looking for Louis and Ethel, married between 1930 (when she left Montreal) and 1937 when my cousin was born. With much work, we located the marriage record of Louis Cohen and Ethel Dunsky (1 Oct 1933 in Brooklyn). We have been searching all of the available government records for Ethel Cohen without success for years. This morning, I looked for Ethel Cohen in your database, and there it was, the tombstone that my cousin has been looking for 30 years or more! Ethel Cohen, bat Chaim, died Feb 1935, age 26. I emailed my cousin, who immediately went to the cemetery, where she found the records that showed she was buried with a stillborn baby. Here is what she wrote back to me this evening. "You are fantastic. Truly fantastic. Thank you so much for uncovering Ethel Cohen's whereabouts. When I received your message this morning, I noticed that her father was listed as Chaim, and when I called the cemetery they said she was buried with a stillborn baby. Donald and I immediately drove to the cemetery in Elmont, NY and visited the gravesite. It is such a relief to have found Ethel, and I will be indebted to you forever. "So, if anyone else asks "What value can there be in old stones standing openin the field?" Now you have an answer."
Mary Miller: "Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the tombstone photos. We have tried many times to get information about the burial of my great grandmother. I have come upon your site and found not only her tombstone, but her parents as well. Again, these are wonderful images which help to confirm the family heritage as I have been recording it! With birthdates, death dates, family relationships...they are invaluable, not to mention very special to have when I am so far away and cannot make the trip myself."
Margaret Levine:"Thank you for identifying the graves of my maternal great-grandparents, Louis and Jane Levi Wolfe. It is amazing to have the online photos! I was also able to get a copy of census data on their household in Syracuse from the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, another excellent resource."
Arthur Kurzweil:

" is an ambitious project that will surely delight many Jewish Genealogy researchers.
And, at the rate at which it is growing, it becomes a more valuable source for Jewish Genealogy
by the day... I am quite impressed with this groundbreaking web site."