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1. Why is your website necessary?

The database displays records gathered from around the world and makes them available with a few clicks. This saves time and money for people interested in viewing the records. Another great accomplishment of the database is to preserve Jewish History, as many of the monuments in the database are likely to deteriorate over time.

2. Do it cost money to access the database?

The database is available at some Public Libraries for example, the Library of Congress, the Center for Jewish History in NY City. There is a small fee for individuals to access the database, and searches are all free.

3. Why is there a charge? Shouldn't everything on the Intenet be free?

The records in this database are obtained by hired photographers who travel to distant locations and work for days or weeks to complete the job. The records also have to be indexed and edited. Some websites offer random records that individuals donate, but here we have an organized method of obtaining complete records forming a very large collection.

4. I see a tombstone image listing for a family member I've been looking for decades. I was told he was buried in a particular cemetery, and when I contacted their office they assured me that he is not buried there. How is it possible that you have an image?

The records of many cemeteries are usually not as complete as they believe. We are glad that our website helped you find the record you've been looking for.

5. What locations are your records from?

There is a complete list at the home page.

6. How do you decide which records to capture?

In theory we are interested in all Jewish records. So far we have posted from locations we were able to get our staff to and that lead to working on much of NY, NJ, IL, CA, Canada, Germany, and Israel.

In each location, we usually start with capturing the oldest records available.

7. Can I limit a search to a particular location?

Yes. You can enter the name in the name field, and then enter a city of country in the location field. For example-
Cohen, Germany. For that matter you can enter a city name in the location field. and leave the name blank, to browse records at a location.