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First Name Family Name Civil Year of Record Record Location
Jacob (Lucy Rabineau) Dunn 1969 Albany, NY - The Jewish World.
Lucy Rabineau Dunn 1969 Albany, N.Y.- Beth Abraham Jacob- Fuller Rd.
Marcia Rabineau Gilboord 1961 NY State notices archive
Esther Rabineau Kramer 1976 Albany, NY- Beth Emet, Turner lane in Loudonville
Louis Rabineau 2011 NY State notices archive- Levine Memorial
Abraham Rabineau 1958 Albany, NY- Temple Israel, Western Ave.
Ada Mosher Rabineau 1961  
Ada Mosher Rabineau 1961 Albany, NY- Western Ave.
Aleck Rabineau 1950 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Alex Rabineau 1956 Albany, NY- Western Ave.
Benjamin Rabineau 1906 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
David Rabineau 1928 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Dorothy Rabineau 1967 Albany, NY- The Jewish World
Dorothy Rabineau 1967 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Edith Rabineau 1950 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Emma Rabineau 1999  
Emma Rabineau 1999 Albany, NY- Western Ave.
Golde Rabineau 1946 Albany, NY- Temple Israel, Western Ave.
Harold Rabineau 1979 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Harry Rabineau 1908 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Israel Rabineau 1891 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
John Rabineau 1948 Albany, NY- Western Ave.
Kenneth Rabineau 1977 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Kenneth Rabineau 1950 Albany, NY- Knickerbocker news
Kenneth(Mrs.) Rabineau 1961 NY State notices archive
Kiva Rabineau 1919 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Lewis Rabineau 1947 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Michael A (Mrs.) Rabineau 1953 NY State notices archive
Morris Rabineau 1944 Albany, NY- Temple Israel, Western Ave.
Nachman Binyamin Rabineau 1934 Albany, NY- Temple Israel, Western Ave.
Rose Sacks Rabineau 1962 Albany, NY- Jewish Cemetery on Church Ave.
Sadie (Mrs.) Rabineau 1959 NY State notices archive
Samuel Rabineau 1948 Albany, NY- Western Ave.
Sarah Rabineau 1929 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Bertha Rabineau Tucker 1983 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.

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