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First Name Family Name Civil Year of Record Record Location
S. (Rabbi) First 1940 Brief Rabbi Biographies- Anshei Shem
Yisraoel (Rabbi Of Husiatin) Friedman 1940 Brief Rabbi Biographies- Anshei Shem
Avraham Mordechai (Rabbi) 1940 ------  
Binyamin (Rabbi)Schwartzman 1940 ------  
Chaim Y. (Rabbi)Auerbach 1940 ------  
Dovid (Rabbi)Altshuler 1940 ------  
Meshulam Z. (Rabbi)Tversky 1940 ------  
Moshe (Rabbi)Ostaruvsky 1940 ------  
Nachman (Rabbi)Miaduser 1940 ------  
Shlomo (Rabbi)Huminer 1940 ------  
Shlomo (Rabbi)Yuskovitz 1940 ------  
W.G. (Rabbi)Braude 1940 ------  
? (Rabbi) ? ------ Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Aharon Shlomo Tzvi son of Reb Yisochor (Rabbi) ? 1940 Montreal, Canada- Baron De Hirsch, Savane St.
Avraham (Rabbi) ? 1777 Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Avraham (Rabbi) ? 1946 Marrakesh, Morocco
Breinla wife of Rabbi Yechiel ? 1703 Worms, Germany
Eliyahu (Rabbi) ? 1731 Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Ephraim son of Rabbi Menachem ? 1894 Poughkeepsie, NY- Jewish Cemeteries, LaGrange Ave.
Gitlin daughter of Rabbi Yakar Hacohen ? 1307 Worms, Germany
Henya duaghter of Rabbi Yehuda ? 1753 Albany, NY- Fuller Rd.
Hizla daughter of Shmuel Rabbi of Friedberg ? ------ Frankfurt, Germany- Rat Beil, section 1 field 3
Leah daughter of Rabbi Shmuel ? ------ Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Naftli Hertz (Rabbi) ? ------ Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Rabbi Baruch ? 1310 Worms, Germany
Rabbi Rafoel son of Rabbi Baruch ? ------ Worms, Germany
Rabbi Shimshon son of Reb Shmuel ? 1670 Worms, Germany
Sarah daughter of Rabbi Yechiel ? 1300 Worms, Germany
Shlomo Tzvi (Rabbi) ? 1940 Montreal, Canada- Baron De Hirsch, Savane St.
Shmuel Tzadok (Rabbi) ? 1637 Hebrew Book: In the Jewish Cemetery of Salonika, Greece, 1932
Tzvi son of Chaim (Rabbi) ? 1950 Montreal, Canada- Baron De Hirsch, Savane St.
Yakov (Rabbi) ? 1894 Troy, NY- Berith Sholom- Pinewoods- Belle Ave.
Rabbi A. Abelson ------ American Jewish Year Book 5667
Rabbi Abraham 1946 Johnson City, NY- West lawn, Burbank Ave.
Rabbi Michael Abraham 2014 NJ State notices archive - Obituaries
Rabbi Moses Abrahams ------ American Jewish Year Book 5665
Rabbi Robert Abrahamson ------ American Jewish Year Book 5665
Yosef Dovid (Rabbi) Abulafia 1828 Tiberias, Israel- near the Sea
Rabbi William Ackerman 1918 Eminent Jews of America by S.B. Goodkind
Herman (Rabbi) Adler 1899 American Jewish Year Book 5659
Natan (Rabbi) Adler 1742 Frankfurt, Germany- Batton St.
Rabbi Adler 1909 American Jewish Year Book 5669
Rabbi Herman Adler 1936 American Jewish Year book 1937-1938, Anniversaries, and Other Celebrations, United States
Rabbi Rudolph Adler 2016 FL state notices archive - Obituaries
? (Rabbi) Alpert 1891 Hoosick Falls, NY
Isaac S. (Rabbi) Alpert 1939 Rochester, NY- Jewish Cemetery at 188 Britton Rd.
Rabbi David B. Alpert 1944 Combined Jewish Appeal 1944 List of Contributions, Greater Boston
Avraham (Rabbi) Amar ------ Marrakesh, Morocco
Rabbi Israel Amdur 1904 American Jewish Year Book 5664
Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer 2010 CO State notices archive - Obituaries
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