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First Name Family Name Civil Year of Record Record Location
Milton Berk 1952 Ridgewood, NY- Machpelah, Cypress Ave.
Milton Berk 1952 Ridgewood, NY- Hungarian, Cypress Ave.
Milton H. Berk 1948 Glendale, NY- Mt. Lebanon
Milton Berkowitz 1993 Ozone Park, NY- Mokom Sholom, Pitkin Ave.
Milton Berkowitz 1954 Utica, NY- Jewish Cemeteries, Wood's Rd.
Milton H. Berkowitz 1957 Utica, NY- Jewish Cemeteries, Wood's Rd.
Milton Berkson 1921 Chicago, IL- notices archive, The Sentinel, October 14
Milton G. Berkson 1925 Chicago, IL- Waldheim
Milton M. Berkson 1997 Chicago, IL- Rosemont Park, Addison St.

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