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Genealogy Records for the family name Jaffe
1902 Jaffe
? Jaffe
A. Arthur Jaffe
A.B. Jaffe
Aaron Jaffe
Abe Jaffe
Abe (Mr) Jaffe
Abraham Jaffe
Abraham (Mrs.) Jaffe
Abraham Aaron Jaffe
Abraham D. Jaffe
Abraham J. Jaffe
Abraham L. Jaffe
Ada Jaffe
Adam Samuel Jaffe
Adolph Jaffe
Adolphe Jaffe
Aida Jaffe
Albert Jaffe
Alexander Jaffe
Ann Jaffe
Anna Jaffe
Anna G. Jaffe
Anna Rose Jaffe
Anna T. Jaffe
Anna W. Jaffe
Anne Jaffe
Annie Jaffe
Arnold R Jaffe
Aron Jaffe
Aviad Jaffe
B. Jaffe
Bart Jaffe
Bashe Jaffe
Beatrice G. Ruttenberg Jaffe
Beckie Jaffe
Beila Jaffe
Bella Jaffe
Bencil Jaffe
Benjamin Jaffe
Bernard Jaffe
Bernard M. Jaffe
Bertha Jaffe
Bessie Jaffe
Betty Irene Garb Jaffe
Blanche Jaffe
Bluma Jaffe
Borach Jaffe
Boruch Jaffe
Celia Jaffe
Charles Jaffe
Charles (Yaffe Kadish) Jaffe
Charlie Benjamin Jaffe
Charlotte Jaffe
Chave Sarah Jaffe
Chone Jaffe
Colde Jaffe
Daniel Jaffe
Dave Jaffe
David Jaffe
David A. Jaffe
David L. Jaffe
Dora Jaffe
Dora F. Jaffe
Dora M. Jaffe
Dorothy Jaffe
E. Jaffe
E. M. Jaffe
Edgar Jaffe
Edith Jaffe
Edna Jaffe
Edward Jaffe
Edward (Mrs.) Jaffe
Eleanor L. Jaffe
Elias D. Jaffe
Elise S. Jaffe
Elizabeth Jaffe
Eljuh Leob Jaffe
Ella Dena Jaffe
Elsie Jaffe
Elyah H. Jaffe
Emma Jaffe
Ernestine Jaffe
Ernestine Chapsky Jaffe
Esar Jaffe
Eshi Jaffe
Estelle Jaffe
Esther Jaffe
Esther Bloch Jaffe
Esther L. Jaffe
Ethel Jaffe
Ethil Jaffe
Etta (Mrs) Jaffe
Eva Jaffe
Eva E. Jaffe
Evelyn Jaffe
Ezra Jaffe
Fannie Jaffe
Fannie Gray Jaffe
Flora Jaffe
Frances Jaffe
Frank Jaffe
FrankFort (Dr) Jaffe
Franz Jaffe
Frieda Jaffe
Gedalie Jaffe
George Jaffe
Gertrude Jaffe
Gladys Jaffe
Godfrey Julius Jaffe
Golda Jaffe
Goldie Jaffe
Gussie Jaffe
H. Jaffe
H. M. Jaffe
Hannah Jaffe
Hannah (Mrs.) Jaffe
Hannah Auer Jaffe
Hannah R. Jaffe
Harold Jaffe
Harold M. Jaffe
Harriet Birnbaum Jaffe
Harris Jaffe
Harry Jaffe
Harry E. Jaffe
Harry J. Jaffe
Harry S. Jaffe
Haym Jaffe
Helen Jaffe
Helen A. Jaffe
Henia Elka Jaffe
Henrietta Jaffe
Henry Jaffe
Henry Lewis Jaffe
Henry Moses Jaffe
Henry S. Jaffe
Herbert Jaffe
Herbert M. Jaffe
Herman Jaffe
Herman (Mrs.) Jaffe
Herman J. Jaffe
Hilel Jaffe
Hillel Jaffe
Hinde Jaffe
Hirsch Jaffe
Hirsh Jaffe
Hon. Paul L. Jaffe
Howard Jaffe
Hyman Jaffe
Hyman B. Jaffe
Ida Jaffe
Ida Block Jaffe
Ida Rosensohn Jaffe
Ike Jaffe
Irving Jaffe
Irving H. Jaffe
Irving S. Jaffe
Isaac Jaffe
Isaake Jaffe
Isadore Jaffe
Isadore L. Jaffe
Isadore T. Jaffe
Isidor Jaffe
Isidore Jaffe
Israel Jaffe
Israel E. Jaffe
Israel Max Jaffe
Isreal Jaffe
Iyar Jaffe
Jack Jaffe
Jacob Jaffe
Jacob H. Jaffe
Jacob M. Jaffe
Jacquelyn Smith Jaffe
Jean Jaffe
Jeanette F. Jaffe
Jennie Jaffe
Jennie M. Jaffe
Jerome Jaffe
Joan Liss Jaffe
Joe Jaffe
John Jaffe
Joseph Jaffe
Joseph George Jaffe
Julia Jaffe
Julius Jaffe
June Jaffe
Karl Jaffe
Kate Jaffe
Kenneth R. Jaffe
Kevie Jaffe
L. (Mrs.) Jaffe
Laurie Jaffe
Leah Jaffe
Lena Jaffe
Leo Jaffe
Leo M. Jaffe
Leon Jaffe
Leon M. Jaffe
Leona Jaffe
Leonard E. Jaffe
Lester A Jaffe
Lester A. Jaffe
Lester Auer Jaffe
Lillian Jaffe
Lillian Rosenthal Jaffe
Lillie Jaffe
Linda Jaffe
Linda Marsha Jaffe
Lois H. Jaffe
Lopis J Jaffe
Lottie Jaffe
Louis Jaffe
Louis (Mrs.) Jaffe
Louis I. Jaffe
Louis Isaac Jaffe
Louis M. Jaffe
Louis N. Jaffe
Louis Nathaniel Jaffe
Luba Jaffe
M Jaffe
M. Jaffe
M. (Mrs.) Jaffe
M. S. Jaffe
Mabel B. Jaffe
Mae Sloane Jaffe
Malie Jaffe
Malka Jaffe
Malke Jaffe
Manny Jaffe
Marcus Jaffe
Marilyn Jaffe
Marion Jaffe
Marissa Jaffe
Marlene Jaffe
Marlene Grabsky Jaffe
Martha Jaffe
Martin Jaffe
Mary Jaffe
Mary B. Jaffe
Mary Miriam Jaffe
Mathilda Jaffe
Matty Jaffe
Maude Jaffe
Maurice Jaffe
Max Jaffe
Max E. Jaffe
Mayer Jaffe
Melvin Jaffe
Menashe Jaffe
Meredith Jaffe
Mery Jaffe
Meyer Jaffe
Meyer J. Jaffe
Michael Jaffe
Michle Jaffe
Mildred Jaffe
Milton Jaffe
Minnie Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Elizabeth Jaffe
Moishe Jaffe
Mollie Jaffe
Monie Jaffe
Morris Jaffe
Morris N. Jaffe
Moses Jaffe
Moses S Jaffe
Muriel Jaffe
Murray Jaffe
Nathan Jaffe
Nathaniel E. Jaffe
Nathanniel E. Jaffe
Nechama Jaffe
Nellie (Mrs) Jaffe
Nettie Jaffe
Nina Jaffe
Olga Jaffe
Oscar Jaffe
Otto Jaffe
Pasach Jacob Jaffe
Paul Jaffe
Paul Howard Jaffe
Paul L. Jaffe
Pauline Jaffe
Peritz Jaffe
Peshe Jaffe
Philip Jaffe
Philipp Jaffe
Phillip Jaffe
Phyllis Long Jaffe
Pinous S. Jaffe
Rachel Jaffe
Rachel L. Jaffe
Rae G. Jaffe
Ralph Jaffe
Raphael Jaffe
Rebecca Jaffe
Reuben Jaffe
Reuben (Mrs). Jaffe
Reuben O. Jaffe
Reva Jaffe
Reva Leah Jaffe
Richard J. Jaffe
Riki Jaffe
Riva Leah Jaffe
Robert Jaffe
Robert Miner Jaffe
Rosa Jaffe
Rose Jaffe
Rose G. Jaffe
Rose Okrent Jaffe
Rose Sylvia Jaffe
Rosie Jaffe
Roslyn Jaffe
Rosy Jaffe
Rudolf Jaffe
Russell Jaffe
Ruth Jaffe
S. Jaffe
S. E. Jaffe
Sadie Jaffe
Sadie Doppelt Jaffe
Sam Jaffe
Samuel Jaffe
Samuel (Mrs.) Jaffe
Samuel A. Jaffe
Samuel H. Jaffe
Samuel L. Jaffe
Samuel M. (Mrs). Jaffe
Samuel Pincus Jaffe
Samuel S. Jaffe
Samul Jaffe
Sarah Jaffe
Sarah Schlansky Jaffe
Selig Jaffe
Sender Jaffe
Seymour Jaffe
Shaie Jaffe
Shainuel Jaffe
Shirley Jaffe
Shterna Jaffe
Sidney Jaffe
Sigmund Jaffe
Simon Jaffe
Sollie Lincoln Jaffe
Solomon Jaffe
Solomon E. Jaffe
Solomon G. Jaffe
Solomon N. Jaffe
Sonia Jaffe
Sophia Jaffe
Sophie Jaffe
Sophie G. Jaffe
Stanley Jaffe
Stephen Jaffe
Sterel Jaffe
Susan Jaffe
Sylvia Jaffe
Sylvia E. Jaffe
Theo G. Jaffe
Theodore Jaffe
Tillie Jaffe
Tischri Jaffe
Toby Shalit Jaffe
Tzoya Jaffe
Walter Jaffe
Wilber Jaffe
William Jaffe
William B. Jaffe
William Julian Jaffe
William Turk Jaffe
Winnifred Jaffe
Yetta Jaffe
Zalmon Jaffe
Zelda C. Jaffe
Zlatta Jaffe