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Genealogy Records for the family name Baker
? Baker
A Thomas Baker
A. Baker
A. (Mrs.) Baker
A. (Mrs.) Baker
Abraham Baker
Abram Baker
Ada Baker
Ada S. Baker
Adolph Baker
Agnes Baker
Alan Paul Baker
Albert Baker
Albert (Mrs.) Baker
Albert J. Baker
Alex Baker
Alexander Baker
Alfred Baker
Alice Baker
Allen Baker
Allen & Stephen Baker
Andrew E. Baker
Anna Baker
Anne Baker
Annie Baker
Annie Koslov Baker
Arthur Baker
Arthur & (Mrs.) Baker
Arthur H. Baker
Arthur H. (Mrs.) Baker
Aryeh Baker
Avraham Moshe Baker
B. Baker
Barnet Baker
Barney Baker
Barry Baker
Beatrice Baker
Beatrice Potofsky Baker
Becky Baker
Bella Baker
Belle Baker
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin A. Baker
Benny Baker
Benny (Benjamin Michael Zifkin) Baker
Bernard Baker
Bertha Baker
Bessie Baker
Betty Baker
Boise & Watson Co . Baker
Caroline Baker
Carolyn Baker
Catherine M. Baker
Celia Baker
Celia R. Baker
Charles Baker
Charles (Mrs.) Baker
Charles Harris Baker
Charles I. Baker
Charles J. Baker
Chasha Baker
Clara Baker
Clothing & Haberdashery Co. Baker
Cyrus Eli Baker
Dasha Baker
David Baker
David M. Baker
Donna Sharon Baker
Dora Baker
Doris Baker
Dorothy Baker
Dorothy Beatrice Baker
Dr. Henry Baker
Edith B. Baker
Edward Baker
Edward G. Baker
Edward M Baker
Edward M. Baker
Edward Max Baker
Edwin Baker
Eleanor Baker
Eli Baker
Elias Baker
Ellen Jane Baker
Elsie Baker
Ema Baker
Emanuel Baker
Emanuel (Mrs.) Baker
Emanuel M. Baker
Emma Falk Baker
Esther Baker
Ethel Baker
Fannie Baker
Fannie Polunsky Baker
Fanny Baker
Florence L. Baker
Frank Baker
Fred J. Baker
Frieda Baker
George Baker
Golde Baker
Hadassah Miriam Baker
Hannah Baker
Harry Baker
Harry Fromm Baker
Helen Baker
Henry Baker
Henry Eli Baker
Herman Baker
Herman (Mrs) Baker
Herman (Mrs.) Baker
Hilda Baker
Hyman Baker
Hyman A. Baker
Hyman D. Baker
Hyman M. Baker
Hyman Nathan Baker
Hyman S. (Mrs.) Baker
I. Baker
Ida Baker
Ida Brown Baker
Ida Sonnenberg Baker
Ilene Baker
Ira Baker
Irene A. Baker
Irving Baker
Isaac Baker
Isaac Jacob Baker
Isador Baker
Isidore Baker
Ismar Baker
Jacob Baker
Jacqueline H. Baker
James Baker
Janet Lee Baker
Jason & Gilbert Baker
Jeanette Baker
Jennie Baker
Joe Baker
John Baker
Joseph Baker
Joseph A. Baker
Joseph J. Baker
Joseph L. Baker
Josephine Wachter Baker
Julian C. Baker
Juliet Baker
Julius Baker
June Baker
L. Baker
Leah Baker
Lena Baker
Leo Baker
Leon Baker
Leona Baker
Liesel Baker
Lillian Baker
Lisa Baker
Louis Baker
Louis & Arthur H. Baker
Louis (Mrs) Baker
Louis (Mrs.) Baker
Louis Allan Baker
Louis E. Baker
Louis Eliot Baker
Louis H. Baker
M E Co. Baker
Mae Baker
Manuel Baker
Marie Baker
Mary Baker
Mathilda Baker
Maurice Baker
Maurice C. Baker
Maurice J. Baker
Maurice S. & (Mrs.) Baker
Max Baker
May Baker
Maynard D. Baker
Mazel Baker
Mendel Baker
Milton Baker
Minetta L. Baker
Minnette Baker
Minnie Baker
Miriam G. Baker
Mollie Baker
Molly Baker
Morris Baker
Morris (Mrs.) Baker
Morris E. (Mrs.) Baker
Morris H. Baker
Morrris Baker
Morton Baker
Moses Baker
Murray Baker
Murray E. Baker
Myer (Mrs.) Baker
Nancy Baker
Nathan Baker
Nathan Jacob Baker
Newton D. Baker
Norman Baker
paisch & (Mrs.) Baker
Paul H. Baker
Pauline N. Baker
Pearce Baker
Percv P. Baker
Perry Baker
Phil Baker
Philip Baker
philip & (Mrs.) Baker
philip (Mrs.) Baker
Rachel Kruclik Baker
Ray Baker
Rebecca Baker
Rebecca (Mrs.) Baker
Rita Baker
Riva Baker
Rosa Baker
Rose Baker
Ruth Baker
Ruth Fink Baker
S. Baker
S. (Mrs.) Baker
S. M. Baker
Sally Baker
Sam Baker
Samuel Baker
Samuel (Mrs.) Baker
Samuel B. Baker
Samuel D. Baker
Samuel L. Baker
Samuel M. Baker
Sara Baker
Sarah Baker
Sheila Baker
Sherman Baker
Sholem Baker
Simcha Baker
Simon Baker
Slohm (Mrs.) Baker
Sonia Baker
Sophie Baker
Sophie Cohl Baker
Special Contribution. Baker
Stanley M. Baker
Stella Baker
Sylvia Baker
Sylvia Zoller Baker
Toby Baker
Virginia Baker
W. (Mrs.) Baker
William Baker
William B. Baker
William L. Baker
William R. Baker
William S. Baker
Yetta Baker
Yitzchak Baker