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Genealogy Records for the family name Wagner
A. Wagner
Aaron Wagner
Abraham Wagner
Adeline Ruby Wagner
Adolf Wagner
Adolph wagner
Albert P. Wagner
Alex Wagner
Alexander Wagner
Alfred Wagner
Alice Wagner
Anna Wagner
Anna L. Wagner
Anna Miriam Wagner
Anne Wagner
Anne Levinson Wagner
Annie Wagner
Arthur Edward Wagner
Arthur H. Wagner
Avrohom Wagner
B. (Mrs.) Wagner
Barney Wagner
Baruch Wagner
Beatrice Wagner
Beckie Wagner
Becky Wagner
Belle Wagner
Benjamin Wagner
Bernard Wagner
Bernhard Wagner
Bernice Wagner
Bertha Wagner
Bertha Gittleson Wagner
Bess Wagner
Bessie Peggy Wagner
Betsy Wagner
Betty Wagner
Birdie G. Wagner
Brad S. Wagner
Cacilie Wagner
Calla Joyce Schwartz Wagner
Carl Wagner
Caroline Wagner
Carrie wagner
Celia Wagner
Charles Wagner
Charlotte Wagner
Claire Wagner
Clara Wagner
Clara Marcuson Wagner
Clifford Wagner
D. Wagner
David Wagner
David J. Wagner
Deborah Wagner
Dora Wagner
Edith Wagner
Eli Wagner
Elias Wagner
Emanuel Wagner
Emil Wagner
Ernest Wagner
Estelle Wagner
Esther Wagner
Esther Molly Wagner
Ethel Wagner
Ethel Perlman Wagner
Eva Wagner
F. (Mrs.) Wagner
Fanie Wagner
Fannie Wagner
Fanny Wagner
Faye Wagner
Forest Hayes Wagner
Frederick Wagner
Frieda Wagner
George Wagner
Gertrude Leventhal Wagner
Gillie S. Wagner
Gitel Wagner
Glothilda Wagner
Goldie Wagner
H. Wagner
Hannah Wagner
Hannie Wagner
Harold Wagner
Harols N. Wagner
Harriet Cone Wagner
Harry Wagner
Hattie Wagner
Hazel B. Wagner
Helen Wagner
Helene Wagner
Henrietta Wagner
Henry Wagner
Herbert Wagner
Herman Wagner
Herman (Mrs.) Wagner
Hersh Yankev Wagner
Hulda Wagner
Hyman Wagner
Ida Wagner
Ignatz Wagner
Irene Wagner
Irvin Wagner
Irvin J. Wagner
Irving Wagner
Isaac Wagner
Isador wagner
Isadore Wagner
Iser Wagner
Isidor Wagner
Isidor * Wagner
Isidore Wagner
Israel Wagner
Israel * Wagner
J. M. Wagner
Jack Wagner
Jacob Wagner
Jacob B. Wagner
Jacob Morris Wagner
James M. (Mrs.) Wagner
Jas. Wagner
Jean Wagner
Jeanne Wagner
Jennie Wagner
Jennie Gregg Wagner
Joe Wagner
Joseph Wagner
Joseph H. Wagner
Joshua Wagner
Judith S. Wagner
Julius Wagner
Kalman Wagner
Kate Wagner
Kenneth Wagner
Kitty Wagner
Lena Wagner
Leo J. Wagner
Lilly Wagner
Lizzie Wagner
Louis Wagner
Louis N. Wagner
Louis P. Wagner
Louis Samuel Wagner
Louise A. Wagner
Lucille G. Wagner
Mamie Wagner
Marcus Wagner
Marcus Mendel Wagner
Marian Catherine Wagner
Marie Wagner
Marion Wagner
Martin Wagner
Mary Wagner
Maude Wagner
Max Wagner
Max N. Wagner
Melvin Wagner
Meyer Wagner
Mike Wagner
Mildred Wagner
Minnie Wagner
Mira Bernstein Wagner
Miriam Wagner
Moe Wagner
Mollie Wagner
Molly Wagner
Morris Wagner
Moses Wagner
Nathan Wagner
Nechame Wagner
Oakley Sage Wagner
Otto wagner
Pamela Sue Wagner
Pearl Wagner
Philip Wagner
Rachel Wagner
Ralph Wagner
Ralph G. Wagner
Ray Wagner
Rebecca Wagner
Reuben Wagner
Rhoda Wagner
Richard Wagner
Rles Wagner
Rochelle Wagner
Rose Wagner
Rosie Wagner
Rudy Wagner
Ruth Lipsitz Wagner
S. Wagner
Sadie Wagner
Samuel Wagner
Sandy Wagner
Sara Wagner
Sarah Wagner
Selig Wagner
Selma Wagner
Selwyn Wagner
Shoshana Wagner
Sidney Wagner
Simon Wagner
Sol Wagner
Sol S. Wagner
Sophie Wagner
Stanley Wagner
Stephen J. Wagner
Sue Goldstein Wagner
Suzanne Louise Wagner
Theodore Irwin Wagner
Tillie Wagner
Toba Wagner
William Wagner
William N. Wagner
Wm C. Wagner
Yehoshua Wagner